Data Exchange Hub Entries

There are four kinds of Data Exchange Hub Entries:

  • Outbound Entries
  • Inbound Entries
  • Outbound Entries Archive
  • Inbound Entries Archive

Entries are created for each import(inbound)/export(outbound) message that need to be processed. Once processed entries are logged using Archive Entries (if keep log field set to true on the act card).


You find quite the same details in Inbound or Outbound Entries:


Field OutBound Inbound Description
Record ID X X Record ID of the record linked to the message (Optional).
Action X The type of action that creates the message.
Status X X The Status of the entries:
Pending: will be processed in the next Job Queue task.
Error: An error has been raised while processing.
Done: the message is processed.
Manual: Block any automatic process. Processing should be tiggered by user action.
Act Code X X The Act code related to the message.
Partner Code X X The Partner code related to the message.
Partener Storage Code X X The Partner Storage code related to the message.
Priority X X The priority level of the message. The entries are processed by decreassing values of priorities.
Creation DateTime X X The Date and Time of the message creation.
Queue Up Line X X Define the Queue Line: You can have multiple Job Queue to process entries. The Queue Up Line shoud be the same as the Job Queue Parameter String field.
Processed X X The Date and Time of the message processing.
Message X X In case of processing error, the error message is visible here.
Information 1 X X Some process can store information here.
Information 2 X X Some process can store information here.
Information 3 X X Some process can store information here.


Action OutBound Inbound Description
View Stream X X Opens a new window with the content of the message.
Open Related Entity X X Opens the record or the record linked.
Change Status X X Changes the status of a record.
Process Entry X X Manually process the entries. Only entries in ‘Manual’ status can be manually processed.
Import File X Allows to change a message if requiered.

Actions on achived entries

You get archived entries when the field Keep Log is set to true in an agreement.
Action OutBound Inbound Description
Delete All Entries X X Delete all the archived entries.
Delete Entries Older than 7 Days X X Delete entries processed for more than 7 days.