Creating Quality Check without supporting document

QC Card

It is possible to create a Quality Check card without any Document related. For that:

  1. Open the Quality Check List and click on New:

  2. The QC No. will be automatically filled with the series no. defined on QC Setup. The general tab will have the following fields:

Field Description
No QC Serie Number, defined on the QC Setup.
Document Date Date of QC Creation. This field is filled by default on the datetime of record insert, but can be manually updated.
Registration Date Automatically filled with the date of creation; This field can’t be updated.
Status Automatically filled with the status “Open”. When click on action “Close”, the status will be “Closed”.
Assign-to Document Type Type of document to which it is linked, or empty if is manually created. Cannot be modified.
Assign-to Document No. No. of document to which QC is linked. This field cannot be modified.

The “Tracking Information” tab will have the following fields to fill:

Field Description
Item No. Linked to Item Code. You must choose an Item No. to associate the QC.
Variant Code Linked to Item Variant Code. If the Item has variants, you can choose to which create a QC.
Lot No. Item Lot No. It should be manually picked from a list.
Serial No. Item Serial No. It should be manually picked from a list.

On the Lines, the fields are the ones specified on Setup Quality Check Specification. When creating a QC from scratch, the fields you must fill on the QC lines are:

Field Description
QC Method Code Choose from the list the QC Method Code you want to perform.
Result Value Fill with the value associated to the Quality Check performed.
Comment Free text fild, to write a comment about the line of QC executed.

The Quality Check is now created and when the QC is over, you can Close the QC and/or “Print” the Reports