Extension Installation Procedure

Apps are available on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central AppSource. Apps are provided as extensions and should be installed as follows.

To install extensions from AppSource or add per-tenant extensions, you must have the right permissions. You must either be a member of the D365 EXTENSION MGMT user group or you must have the D365 EXTENSION MGMT permission set. If you are an administrator, you can assign user groups and permissions to other users in your company.

To use the functionality that is provided by an extension, such as opening pages, running reports, selecting actions, and so on, you must be assigned the permission sets that are installed as part of the extension.

Download from Appsource

By default the Apps is automatically published and installed by Appsource.

Manual installation

However, if manual installation is required, proceed as follows once you got the .app file.

  1. Open the Extension Management page.
  2. Choose the Upload Extension action.
  3. Select the browse button to select the .app file to upload. Browse to and select the extension’s .app file.
  4. Select if you want to deploy for the current version (most common) or next version. Select the language for the deployment.
  5. Choose the Deploy button.
  6. The extension will be deployed in the background. To check the status of the deployment, choose Deployment Status and then view the status of the extension deployment. Select the row to see additional details. In the deployment status details there is a Refresh button in the actions you must press to retrieve the most recent status and details.
  7. When the extension has been successfully deployed, choose the Refresh button to see the new extension in the list of > installed extensions.


Generaly you need to provide some extra permissions to users that will use the extension.