Advanced Lot Management

Lot Tracking is a common practice in many industries, including the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. It enables products to be tracked throughout their life cycle, from the supply chain to manufacturing, distribution and sales.

Products requiring lot tracking are those that present a risk to consumer health or safety, such as food, medicines, perishables, chemicals and cosmetics.

Bricklead’s Advanced Lot Management will help you to:

  • Define a standard format for lot numbers, which can be a combination of numbers, letters, or symbols. For example, LOT-2023-10-24-A. Label each product or each package with its lot number, either manually or using a barcode or QR code. This lot number can have a meaningful structure (include creation date, time, source document number, item no., etc..) that will help the end user to understand the contents of the lot.
  • Record detailed information on each lot (source, origin, quality, date of manufacture, location of production, raw materials used, quality controls carried out, etc.).
  • Log lot changes. As lot properties can change over time you have to be able to log each change in an audit trail. You need to be able to quickly track down the people who reported these changes.
  • Speed up tracking process: The quality of lot tracking data heavily depends on the capacity to organize quick input of data and ease lot handling (segregate damaged part of the lot, update expiration date, change inspection status, etc.)

Bricklead’s Advanced Lot Management is a must have toolset for any company having to deal with lot tracking.

Key features:

  • Lot Templates: Create custom lot number series based on inbound move characteristics
  • Lot Handling wizards: To help you easily create sublot, merge lots or modify lot attributes
  • Lot Audit Trail: Record all changes made on the lot no information card and related attributes
  • Lot Label: Word based customizable report to create lot labels + comprehensive lot report selection engine to easily configure item-specific print layouts.
  • Advanced Lot Information List: Get an overview of all inventory lots and their specific location/bin.